P&F Grants

COBRE PHASE III Grants awarded

2019-2020 COBRE Pilot & Feasibility Grants Awarded August 1, 2019

Dr. Jason Collier, Assistant Professor Islet Biology and Inflammation
The NfKb/p65 Transcription factor is required for Islet beta-cell compensatory responses during insulin resistance

Dr. Anne Gilmore, Assistant Professor Clinical Oncology and Metabolism
The role of exercise as a biological therapy in obesity and cancer

Dr. Claudia Kappen, Professor Development Biology
Embryonic yolk sac mediates the adverse effects of diabetes and obesity in pregnancy

Dr. Charles C. Lee, Associate Professor LSU Comparative Biomedical Sciences
Functional organization of central gustatory pathways

Dr. J. Michael Salbaum, Professor Genomics and Regulation of Gene Expression
Single guide RNA-mediated site-specific delivery of drugs acting on the epigenome-a technology to modulate gene expression

Dr. Jacqueline Stephens, Professor Adipocyte Biology
Generate a mouse model to examine the function of KAT8 in adipose tissue

2018-2019 COBRE Pilot & Feasibility Grants Awarded

Dr. Annadora Bruce-Keller
Intersection of obesity and exercise at the microbiome

Dr. Kenneth Eilertsen
Developmental and transmittable origins of gestational diabetes on offspring health

Dr. Carrie Elks
Characterizing the adipose tissue matrisome in obesity and metabolic syndrome

Dr. Adam Melvin
Selective knockdown of PTP1B by peptide-directed proteasomal degradation

Dr. Randall Mynatt
Gene expression analysis in UCP1 KO rats

Dr. Emily Qualls-Creekmore
Identification of lateral hypothalamic galanin circuits critical in feeding and emotional behavior

Dr. Michael Salbaum
Technical implementation of single cell RNA sequencing in the PBRC COBRE Genomics Core

2017-2018 COBRE Pilot & Feasibility Grants Awarded

Dr. Hans-Rudi Berthoud
Advanced Analysis of Bile Acid-Microbiome-Interactions in Metabolic & Mental Health

Dr. Susan Burke Collier
Selective Glucocorticoid Receptor Agonist Compounds Suppress Inflammation in Pancreatic -cells

Dr. Ji Suk Chang
mTORC2-Akt/SGK signaling in the regulation of brown adipose tissue thermogenesis

Dr. Kenneth Eilertsen
IPS Cells and Potential Roles of Obesity Associated Genetic Variants

Dr. Elizabeth Floyd
The Ubiquitin Ligase Siah2 in Adipose Tissue Expansion

Dr. Gang Hu
Unmethylated Insulin DNA in Women with GDM and Type 2 Diabetes

Dr. Robert Noland
Defining the Role of Peroxisomes in BAT thermogenesis and Glucose Homeostasis

Dr. Emily Qualls-Creekmore
Role of Galanin in Lateral Hypothalamic Feeding Circuits and Affective Behavior

2016-2017 COBRE Pilot & Feasibility Grants Awarded

Dr. Hans-Rudi Berthoud
Bile Acid - Microbiome Interactions in Metabolic and Mental Health

Dr. Ji Suk Chang
Glutamic-oxaloacetic transaminase 1 in the regulation of brown adipose tissue thermogenesis

Dr. J. Jason Collier - IKK epsilon links insulin resistance and pancreatic islet alterations in response to obesity-mediated inflammation

Dr. Carrie Elks
Integrin-linked kinase: mediator of adipose extracellular matrix assembly and insulin sensitivity?

Dr. Christopher Morrison
Development of fiber photometry for in vivo neuroimaging

Dr. Leanne Redman
Investigation of mechanisms for transmission of impaired glucose metabolism in infants exposed to diabetes in utero “IMAGINE”

Dr. Jacqueline Stephens
The identification of Epigenetic Drugs that impact adipocyte function