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About the Pennington Biomedical COBRE

The Pennington Biomedical Research Center's Center of Biomedical Research Excellence (COBRE) was initially established in 2006 through an award from the National Center for Research Resources at NIH, and Phase II of our COBRE was renewed for 5 years in August 2011. Phase III of our COBRE was awarded for 5 years in August 2016.

The Center provides support for outstanding junior faculty at Pennington Biomedical as they transition from training to independence and establish their own extramurally funded research programs.

Main Goal

The Specific Aims as we enter into our COBRE in Phase III are to further expand the critical mass of productive investigators engaged in metabolic disease research by (a) maintaining the highly effective mentoring culture we have built and refined during the first two phases of our Center; (b) identifying, mentoring, and retaining our most talented, well-trained junior scientists emerging from our institutional training grants; (c) continuing to enhance the growth of our scientific cores by leveraging institutional support to sustain their strong positive impact on the success of Center scientists, and sustaining a collaborative multidisciplinary research environment by providing support for research pilot projects that are critical to obtaining new extramural support and sustaining the Center’s basic and translational research activities.


If you used the Cell Biology & Bioimaging Core and/or the Genomics Core, both of which are supported by COBRE and NORC, please acknowledge these grants in your manuscript using the following statement:

"The project/work used (Genomics or Cell Biology & Bioimaging) core facilities that are supported in part by COBRE (NIH8 1P30GM118430-01) and NORC (NIH 1P30-DK072476) center grants from the National Institutes of Health."

If you have further questions about acknowledging COBRE in manuscripts, please contact PBRC Library and Information Center at (225) 763-2567 or Cindi Tramonte, COBRE Administrative Coordinator, by email or phone (225) 763-2807.