Extramural Grant Funding Recieved by Graduating Project PIs

Carrie Elks, Ph.D.
The Effects of Oncostatin M on the Adipose Tissue Extracellular Matrix

Heike Muenzberg, Ph.D.
NIH R01DK092587
Leptin and central control of thermoregulation

Elizabeth Floyd, Ph.D.
NIH 1R56 DK089020
Regulation of PPARy in adipocytes by SIAH2
NIH 1R41 RR031430
Improving epigenetic-based cell reprogramming with proteosomoal inhibition
ADA 1-10-BS-55
Regulation of PPARy in adipocytes by ubiquitin system
NIH 1RO1 DK099625
Regulation of insulin sensitivity by the ubiquitin ligase SIAH2

Christopher Morrison, Ph.D.
NIH 5RO1081563
Neural regulation of protein ingestion

Robert Koza, Ph.D.
NIH 5RO1 DK074951
Epigenetic mechanisms and genes associated with the development of adiposity

Matthew Hulver, Ph.D.
ADA 1-JF-05-24
The role of stearoyl-CoA desaturate in skeletal muscle lipid accumulation and insulin resistance
NIH 1RO1 DK078765
Inflammatory regulation of lipid accumulation in skeletal muscle with obesity

Jong Seop Rim, Ph.D.
NIH 1R43HL104977
Novel reprogrammed cells for differentiation into cardiomyocytes
NIH 1R41 GM088891
Production of cell lines with improved reprogramming potential for SCNT

Robert Noland, Ph.D.
NIH 1RO1 DK103860
Defining the role of skeletal muscle peroxisomes in glucose homeostasis

David McDougal, Ph.D.
ADA 7-14-JF-37
Astrocytes as CNS Gluco-Detectors

Ji Suk Chang, Ph.D.
NIH 1RO1 DK104748
The short isoform of PGC-1α in the control of brown adipose tissue thermogenesis

COBRE Publications Published by Project PI Graduates